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toniolio A very special thanks to Kait our trainer over at @goodpupapp. She has helped us in transitioning this little bundle of anxiety to a fully functioning and well behaved puppy. #grateful #rescuepup #family
Taylor Comeau
Our trainer, Dexter, was amazing! We thought we would have to surrender our new puppy because as first time dog parents we had no clue what we had gotten ourselves into. But after a few video sessions with Dexter- Rosie is living her best pup life and we can parent her the way she needs us to. Being able to track her accidents using the homework section was a game changer since it helped us understand where to focus our efforts. Perfect for our busy lives since it is virtual, but still personalized enough to get the job done right. We can text our trainer 24/7 and get an immediate response which is amazing for little emergencies or behaviors that pop up throughout the week. Soooo worth it!!
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imsunnypink I’m 14 weeks old now (3 months) and I’m getting really good at this “stay” thing. Swipe to see my progress on “down”. I used to fall sideways or backwards before and felt so silly but I’m finally laying smoothly. Shout out to Jennifer from @goodpupapp for all of the tips she has given us. (nOt SpOnSoReD we just love this virtual training service but heyyyyy @goodpupapp 🤝let’s build 👐🏽 fam)
I was a little hesitant to use the app to train our puppy Glenn, but I felt he needed something one on one and I didn’t want to pay $400 for a month so I figured I’d give GoodPup a try. Last night, Glenn graduates level one, and we are thrilled with his progress. Not only does he know several commands, but it truly affects his behavior in general. Rebecca has been wonderful and gives us great advice, and we’re excited to do Level 2 to work on a few additional things.
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oliversalchica Someone is getting so good at following commands
My pup and I have loved good pup. She has learned so much and it shows! It was so convenient with my work schedule and my pup looked forward to it every week!

Shout out to our trainer, Mirna! She was incredible.
e11ie_belly Hi guys! I’ve been super busy with all my training! I graduated Puppy 101 in 5 weeks (instead of 8 👍🏻) I love learning with @goodpupapp and can’t wait for more 🎓🏆💛
Raposo Gigi
Looooooove this app!!! My only regret was not getting it sooner, like the day after I brought my puppy home!!!! I love all the tricks, all the insight. We are learning so much. Jenny is super knowledgeable fun and loving. If you have a puppy thinking of getting one or just want to teach your dog fun new tricks this app is a must!!
adventures.of.kya I graduated #goodpup 101! I've learned to sit, lay down, stay, leave it and many more things. Tonight I start goodpup 201 to learn more and expand on my training.
I cannot describe how kind, patient, and generous this entire team is. My puppy is only about a month old and he learns so well using the methods taught to me by the trainers on this app!! Even with the technical difficulties in the beginning I was still overjoyed to be working with a team so personally dedicated to me and my dog!! Honestly, do yourself a favor and download this app today!!
jack_thecorg Mom says I’m a good boy 🐶🎓
My family and I are preparing to bring home a new puppy, so we were a little nervous about how to appropriately handle the situation. Valerie did a great job calming our nerves and provided outstanding tips for preparing for the puppy. I highly recommend this app and the service provided. Great job, Valerie! We appreciate you.
kara_alexis__ Rueger graduated GoodPup 101!! He aced his exam with flying colors & we just started 201 this past Sunday! We are truly blessed with this good pup 😉😉😂
We absolutely loved our trainer John—he helped us accomplish so much with our little pup. Such a great option if you need a flexible training schedule or in the moment help with difficult behaviors. Would recommend it to anyone. Even helped with our older dog that we were told by other trainers was “untrainable”.
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sherlock_the_pup_ I've only been practicing Leave It for a week now and look how good I'm doing! My mommy says that she is so proud of me😊❤🐕
I was highly skeptical about whether this training was going to be worthwhile. Was it going to be some videos that were not tailored to my puppies behavior. I was glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried it. The trainer was amazing and the lesson was very interactive. This is the best training I could have asked for with my new puppy. Looking forward to the weeks ahead.
lauethegoof I graduated from GoodPup 101 dog training and I am one hot dog degree (more like certificate) hotter.
Our new rescue has had a bit of a traumatic early life which brought on noise phobia and other behavioral issues. Sandi with GoodPup was well versed in rescues and the issues new parents may have with their new pup. Great solutions and great pricing!
rosie_the_hounddog I graduated!!! So happy to be a certified good pup! 🐾🎓@goodpupapp
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